Lesson1: Components areas and scopes in magento 2

component scopes area in magento2

I. Components

What are the different component types?

● Modules
● Themes
● Language packages

What are their purposes?

components magento2

II. Areas

What are the different areas in Magento 2?

● frontend
● adminhtml
● base
● crontab
● webapi_rest
● webapi soap

What are their purposes?

area magento2

Which are relevant to themes?

● frontend
● adminhtml
● base

III. Scopes

What are scopes?

● Magento supports highly flexible ‘multi-store’ functionality
● This allows variations to language, design, currency,
product catalogue, config etc. from one ‘Magento instance’
● You can even have multiple completely discrete websites
running from a single ‘Magento instance’
*One Magento instance = one install / codebase

What are the different scopes in Magento 2?

Global (default): System-wide settings and resources that are available throughout the Magento installation.
Website: Settings and resources that are limited to the current website. Each website has a default store.
Store (Group): Settings and resources that are limited to the current store. Each store has a default root category (main menu) and default store view.
Store View: Setting and resources that are limited to the current store view.

What are their purposes?

scopes magento2

How do scopes relate to one another?

Scope types are hierarchical and fallback to / inherit from the parent scope

Scope fallback -> Store view -> Store (group) -> Website -> Global (default)