map vs path requirejs

What is the difference between a path and map Requirejs

After researching this a bit more, I have found one major difference between map and path. + map allows for ‘prefix mapping’ + path only allows for exact matches Example: Using Map: map: { '*': { editTrigger: 'mage/edit-trigger', } } ensure the...
add custom class and attribute to body tag

Adding attribute or class to the body tag in Magento 2

In this tutorial we will explain how you can add your own class to the body tag and also I’ll add an attribute with its value in Magento 2. See below for...
customeJs magento2

How To Add Custom JS File In Magento 2 With requireJS?

This topic discusses how to add custom js File with the components provided by Magento or custom replacement implementations. We strongly recommend that you do not change the source code of default...

Lesson6: Templates in magento2

This topic explains how default templates work in the Magento application. I. Templates. 1. What components can templates be found in? ● Modules ● Themes 2. What is the file structure of template files? ● Modules view/<area>/templates/some/path/file.phtml ● Themes <Vendor_Module>/templates/some/path/file.phtml II. Block classes. 1. What...
layout directives in magento2

Lesson5: Layout directives in magento 2

I. Layout directives. 1. What are the main layout directives? ● <container/> ● <block/> ● <referenceContainer/> ● <referenceBlock/> ● <move/> 2. What are they for? II. <Container/> 1. What attributes can containers have? ● name ● htmlTag ● htmlClass ● before/after ● and more... <some_handle>.xml III. <block/>. 1. What attributes can...
layout file structure

Lesson4: Layout file structure in magento 2

  1. What are the main layout file nodes? ● <update/> ● <head/> ● <body/> 2. What do they contain? <some_handle>.xml