How to set default language and currency


This tutorial is going to show you how to set the default language and currency in your Magento store.

    1. In your Magento admin go to System > Manage Stores

    1. Click  on Main Website Store  under the Store Name (if there are several  ones, click any of them)

    1. On the next page under Store Information select a different language in the Default Store View drop-down list.

    1. Click Save Store.
    2. Now every time you are opening the your site, it’s going to be in the language  you selected.
    3. You can change the default  language for the backend by going to System -> Configuration -> General -> Locale options.

To change the default ($) currency  on the your Magento site

    1. In admin panel, go to Admin > System > Configuration > Currency Set up.

    1. Select currency that you want to be default from your base currency drop down.

    1. Select the same currency in the Default Display Currency drop down and from the Allowed Currencies list.

  1. Click Save Config.
  2. The frontend display currency should be different if you check out your site.

From: templatemonster