Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer



The Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer exam, a primarily scenario-based exam, is designed to validate the skills and knowledge needed to understand Magento’s theming components and the ability to modify the user interface according to best practices.

A Magento 2 Front End Developer creates and customizes Magento themes including: templates, layouts, CSS, JavaScript, and other components of the front end, including translations, of a Magento site. A Magento 2 Front End Developer uses the Admin Panel to implement design-related system configuration and modify the appearance of specific pages.

This exam is for a Magento 2 Front End Developer with a deep understanding of Magento 2 fundamentals and with 1.5 years or more of experience with Magento 2.

Exam topics and the percentage covered in the test.

1. Create Themes : 7%
2. Magento Design Configuration System: 7%
3. Layout XML in Themes: 18%
4. Create and Customize Template Files: 8%
5. Static Asset Deployment: 5%
6. Customize and Create JavaScript: 17%
7. Use LESS/CSS to Customize Magento Look and Feel: 8%
8. Customize the Look and Feel of Specific Magento Pages: 22%
9. Implement Internationalization of Frontend Pages: 5%
10. Magento Development Process: 3%


  • 60 Multiple Choice items
  • 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • Score of 63% or higher needed to pass
  • Based on Magento Open Source (2.2) and Magento Commerce (2.2), but applicable to those using any version of Magento 2.
  • No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam


  • No prerequisites
  • We recommend taking the Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2 course as a first step
  • 1.5 or more years of hands-on experience with Magento 2 front end development
  • Free Study Guide available HERE