Themes Design Config

The Design Configuration makes it easy to edit design-related rules and ... To change the Default Theme, set Applied Theme to the theme that you want to apply

I. Key theme files in magento2 What files are required and why?    
What’s in this topic ? This topic describes the file structure of a Magento theme and theme location in magento 2. I. Theme location Storefront themes are conventionally located under app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/. Though technically they can reside in other directories. For example Magento built-in themes can...
I. Components What are the different component types? ● Modules ● Themes ● Language packages What are their purposes? II. Areas What are the different areas in Magento 2? ● frontend ● adminhtml ● base ● crontab ● webapi_rest ● webapi soap What are their purposes? Which are relevant to themes? ● frontend ● adminhtml ● base III. Scopes What are...

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