layout directives in magento2

Lesson5: Layout directives in magento 2

I. Layout directives. 1. What are the main layout directives? ● <container/> ● <block/> ● <referenceContainer/> ● <referenceBlock/> ● <move/> 2. What are they for? II. <Container/> 1. What attributes can containers have? ● name ● htmlTag ● htmlClass ● before/after ● and more... <some_handle>.xml III. <block/>. 1. What attributes can...
layout file structure

Lesson4: Layout file structure in magento 2

  1. What are the main layout file nodes? ● <update/> ● <head/> ● <body/> 2. What do they contain? <some_handle>.xml  
layout handles magento2

Lesson3: Layout files and handles in magento2

This article describes the basic concepts you need to know about layout file, and handles in magento2 I. Layout files. For a particular page, its layout is defined by two major layout components: page...
container block magento2

Lesson2: Containers and blocks in magento2

In Magento, the basic components of page design are layouts, containers, and blocks. A layout represents the structure of a web page (1). Containers represent the placeholders within that web page structure (2)....
Introduction block layout template

Lesson1: Introduction block layout and template in magento

What’s in this topic This article describes the basic concepts you need to know about block, layout xml and template in magento 2. 1. What is layout XML? ● Defines the content...
theme forder file in magento2

Lesson3: Theme folders and files in magento2

I. Key theme files in magento2 What files are required and why?