Process price calculation in magento


Price in Magento

Each product in Magento usually has several prices: regular, special, final, etc.

Some types of prices are available for all products, while others are specific to a particular product type.

The most common types of prices:

1. base_price – product cost default.

2. regular_price – product cost at the rate of the selected currency.

3. final_price – the final cost of the product.

4. special_price – product price with a discount.

5. tier_price – price depending on quantity of items in the basket.

6. custom_option_price – the cost of the option, if the product has them

7. configured_price – product price, including options

8. catalog_rule_price – product price after catalog rules application. The special_price, tier_price, custom_option_price

Some types of products add their own price types

downloadable products: link_price – the cost of the product when the customer downloads it from a specific link.

bundle products: bundle_option – product bundle option cost.

Product simple, product virtual: Final price corresponds with the lowest value from regular_price, catalog_rule_price, special_price, tier_price.

Configurable products: cost of each option is selected as the minimum value from base_price, tier_price, index_price, catalog_rule_price. Final price of the configurable product will be equal to the lowest cost of its options.

Grouped product: Final_price is equal to the smallest final_price of all the products in the group.

Bundle products: the cost is calculated in the same way as for regular products + bundle_option – the cost of all the required options multiplied by their quantity.

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