The process for the Magento2 certification

magento certification
Here is the process for the Magento certification. You can find more details here:
To sumup
1. Buy voucher in Magento U
A voucher code will be sent to email or Magento account.
Exam registration should be required at least 1 week before the actual date of certification exam
As I research: if we buy as a company
– Company may pay several voucher codes here
– The person who will be taking the exam must register his/her self using his/her own Magento account. A person cannot register someone else to take an exam. This name on Magento account has to be match with name on ID
When you finish registering account, there will be detailed guidance here
2. Attend online 
We can attend online with chosen time/date and put the exam voucher code to attend the exam
We also need to some pre-condition activities for preparing exam, like lock your computer with Sentinel software and checking your identity.
3. Launch the exam 
When time comes (the registered date), there will be Launch column in Magento account for you to start the exam. When you are in the middle of the test, there will be an operator who will do some check via webcam, then the test can be continued.

After answering all 60 questions, you can review them again, either all questions or only the ones you marked previously for review. When you are finished, you can click the “Finish” button, and after two confirmations, the exam is finished and you directly get your result: whether you have passed or not, and the percentage of correct answers, grouped by areas.

Result will also be sent to you by email.

Goodluck for you ^^